Project: This 30-second animation was produced in 10 weeks in collaboration with Catherine Hervey, April (Ford) Cereijo, Jay Jackson, Janelle Arita, and Laura Murphy under the direction of CG professionals from Reel FX Studios. I was the rigging and lighting leads on the team.

Rig: The rig features dynamic antenna, shutter eyelids, stretchy IK/FK, dynamic parenting and breakable hierarchy. Responsible for the character rigs. Cooperated with Laura Murphy on dynamic antenna and shutter eyelids rig.

Lighting: Responsible for creating lighting rigs and render paths in Maya as well as lighting/comping template in Nuke. Shots were rendered with RenderMan and then composited in Nuke. The final lighting is accomplished using Nuke.

Accepted into Siggraph 2014 Dailies: Dam Robots.