The ray tracer renders Arbitrary meshes (even with huge number of faces), plus recursive refraction ray tracing as well as ray traced shadow in real-time. The GUI provides basic control for refraction and lighting interactively. Path tracing, photon mapping and ambient occlusion are also implemented. 

Camera and geometry data can be streamed into the renderer in real-time from Maya. The whole scene parsing functionality is work in progress, upon finish, artists can keep using the 3D software that they are familiar with to create a complete scene and they will get the final rendered result instantly in the render. 

The art-directable refraction technique is applied onto the camera, which I called it “artistic controllable refracted lens”. An image is read in as the refracted lens control image, resulted in an illusory and unreal world like in someone’s dream. I am also integrating this feature with Oculus Rift, so people can create shots by simply moving their head or a physical special camera with gyroscope and accelerometer. 


Cubist look world is created by simply loading in a cubist image has the look that I wish to have for my render result.

Responsible for all aspects.

Awarded by: NVidia Hardware Grant, Pixar Scholarship and Electronic Arts Award.